Day 180- 30 by 30 Update

1. read entire bible- I'm into Judges
2. run half marathon- hope to run one this fall!
3. month of clean eating- starting in July
4. fully potty train Caleb- started back up again a couple days ago and we're started back from where we started the first time around. Oh well, what needs to be done, must be done!
5. breast feed for 1 year- still going strong
6. complete continuing ed hours
7. visit Verser relatives
8. create new advent tradition
9. complete 1000 things to be thankful for
10. weekend away with Alan
11. learn how to use my sowing machine
12. learn how to knit or crochet
13. complete family photo albums and Caleb 2 yr/Asher 1 yr albums
14. fit into my old jeans- mostly, still a little snug- having more problems fitting into my old shorts
15. berry picking
16. shop at farmers market
17. spend at least 1 day/month volunteering- didn't go last month- it was crazy!
18. get a massage- bought a Groupon, still need to use it
19. set boundaries for phone usage- working on it, going to do a challenge soon called The Unwired Mom from saramae.com
20. switch over to glass food storage- check!
21. reread Missional Moms
22. write 5 letters and mail them to others
23. plan for and celebrate family birthdays
24. go on a date with Alan at least once a month- check!
25. plan adult vacation for after Alan graduates
26. meet 5 new neighbors- met 3 in the past week!
27. learn a yummy whole wheat bread recipe
28. make my own laundry detergent
29. have a personal retreat (at least 24 hours)
30. commit to a flexible daily routine- had one going at the old house- working on a new routine with work and growing baby, etc


Day 179- Busy month!

I've been a bit absent from blogging lately- and for good reason!
1. We travelled a lot in May! Stacy's graduation in early May, Stephanie's graduation/Al's board prep course in mid-May, and Colby's wedding the first weekend in June. Lots of fun, but very busy!

2. I started back to work in June! I'm only working 8-10 hours a week, but it definitely takes up a little more of my free time, since I'm available pretty much 24/7 to my patients and because I can't separate my work thoughts from my home thoughts :).
3. We moved. Yes, that's right. Again. 5th time in 2.5 years. 9th time in 7 years. Can't wait to settle down. We now live in the Shelton's house sans Sheltons (at least for the time being), since they are in Colorado pursuing dairy business.
(goodbye old house)

(hello new house)

4. I'm working on a balance between social media and REAL life. I'm trying to log less time on my phone, IPad, and computer and more time face to face.
5. Both kids have been staying up pretty late and that cuts into my free time. By the time I get both kids down, tidy up a bit, and pump- it's time to head to bed! It seems that they are going to bed a bit earlier lately, so we'll cross our fingers that it lasts!

Hopefully I'll be back to post more soon...
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