The End of Classwork

So, after almost 20 years of classwork and homework and studying for tests, I am finally done! I still have 6 months of clinical work before entering the "real world," but I am done with the classwork portion of my program! I took my comprehensive exam (the one over everything I've learned in the past two years) and will find out in about 3 weeks whether I passed or if I will have to take it again. In the mean time I am enjoying not studying and doing fun things like yard work (I really like working in the yard!), going to the zoo, spending time with Al, putting our house back together, and getting to know the new family that we are cultural mentors for. I know that it will be an adjustment to working 40 hours a week, but I'm exciting to own my free time again! Think about me as I search through this career and make big decisions about what direction to take and where to get a job. Alan and I are entering a new phase in life and excited about all it may hold!



I went up to Echo Lake and Devil's Hole (a hiking trail close to Echo Lake) with Sarah, Allie, and Jolee. Here are some pics from the trip. (compliments to Allie and Sarah)