5.30.09- Day 13

Dorks and Dips- YAY! These are pictures from Allie and Lauren's Dorks and Dips party. Everyone was suppose to dress like a dork and bring some type of dip to eat. It was fun. It reminded me of Late Skate in college.

Speaking of college, I also went to the Denver JBU alumus lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory with Sarah and Nicole. Free food and fun info about JBU. It was kinda fun to watch the video about the school and see new projects they are working on. I saw pics of the renovated caf- IT IS CRAZY!!! It didn't even look like the caf anymore. I could imagine all the other things, but I've got to go back just to see the caf!!! haha.

One thing I didn't do today was study. For some reason it keeps getting pushed down to the bottom of my to do list. Hmmmm. I'll try better tomorrow.

5.29.09- Day 12

Today we hung out more with Paul and Bethany. We also helped Sarah move out of her apartment. Then, we had a cookout at our house and the boys cleaned the patio (thanks!!!!). We laughed a lot and had wonderful time. We even found time for a few rounds of hand and foot. After Carissa left (because she was soooo tired haha) and Bethany went to bed, we made (and by we I mean Paul) a fire in the firepit. Paul smoked the hooka. I tried it, but it had a really faint taste (I think the flavor was rose and apple?). I love fires in on summer nights.

PS- Sarah's head is NOT really on fire.

5.28.09- Day 11

Today I hung out with Paul and Bethany because they were in town to congratulate Jason Shelton on his recent engagement. They wonderfully stayed with us in Denver for a few days. This picture is of hanging out at Allie's house with her recent fiance- Matthew. It was fun just to all be together and laugh like old times.

*Side note: we found out we have new neighbors! A younger couple. We don't know much about them, but are excited to get to know them. (actually it is a father and daughter right Bethany? haha)

Also of importance: I GOT A JOB OFFER TODAY!!!!! Yay. School District 27J offered me a job as a PT the day after my interview. The only problem is that they need to know by Tuesday at noon what my decision is. I have 2 more interviews between now and then. One with the JFK Partners PT Fellowship and one with Aurora Public Schools. I don't know what to do!!! Think about me as I decide where to start my career.


5.27.09- Day 10

Interview time! I had my first PT interview today at Brighton Public Schools. It went well. The main woman interviewing me was actually Alan's principal all through school at Dayspring Christian Academy. Small world! I liked the people and think it would be a good fit, but I still have 1 more set interview and hopefully another one soon. I'm just not sure how the timing is going to work out because this job told me that I will know by Friday! Crazy. Who knows if I will even get the job- but I'm just worried that I'll have to give them my word before I get an opportunity to find out from the other jobs/fellowships. God knows, so I'll just have to trust him. : )

5.26.09- Day 9

Okay, so Nigel looks really weird in this picture. But after 5 days of so many Corgis, I was very happy to see my own pooch when I got home. After arriving home an hour and a half late (due to weight restrictions on the plane I was suppose to fly on), I went to Noodles for small group Girls' Night. It was fun. We just chatted and ate good food. We were going to go on a walk afterwards, but everyone was really tired. Lindsey took me home, which was really nice. After getting home, I just posted the pictures on the blog, played on our new computer (props to Eric for building it for us!!!), and then went to bed. (Alan was at work) I had such a nice time with my family and now I am getting ready for more visiting! Paul and Bethany are coming Wednesday night!


5.25.09- Day 8

I love La Huerta. This was where I chose to eat for my taste of Russellville while I was in town. They have amazing chips and salsa, amazing service, and they can carry at least 10 plates on one arm. Incredible. Plus, it's cheap and reminds me of the good old days in Russvegas- like when the electricity went out at school and we got out before lunch because they couldn't make lunch in the cafeteria. We went to La Huerta's that day. Or the many other times I have eaten there with my family or old friends. I got my usual. #10 is definitely a classic- 2 tacos, beans, and rice. Yummy! (I think I have only gotten 2 different things there- a chicken taco salad and a #10.)

Also of note today... my Aunt Karen flew back to Austin. I really enjoyed visiting with her. It felt like old times- so natural. We just have to decide where to move now so that we can all be together again! I love her a ton!

5.24.09- Day 7

We had a nice Sunday. It rained for most of the weekend, so we didn't get to go on our belated Mother's Day picnic, but we did get to celebrate Mother's Day with all of the children. I love my mother dearly. She is truly an incredible woman. I hope I can be half the mother and woman she is someday.

The house is pretty much corgi-fied (as in 3 Corgis now live there). Pumkin (aka prunkie) rolled in her poop (that's what happens when a dog grows up in a puppy mill) and had to be washed. It's times like this that I am glad that I have no ownership on the Corgis. This is a pic of Stacy (holding Tiggy) and Steph cleaning Pumpkin in a tub. She's all clean now (but not for long!)

5.23.09- Day 6

We went to Brinkley to Low's Bridal Store (over 5000) dresses. Stephanie found the perfect dress there. It is beautiful. This is all you can see. Notice the room packed full of dresses. Crazy. Can't believe that my beautiful sister is getting married soon! Congratulations!

5.22.09- Day 5

Happy Graduation Stacy!!!! You are the last of the Galbo girls to graduate high school, but you did it with flair! You are so special to everyone that even Aunt Joyce, Uncle Pete, Aunt Karen, Aunt Ann, Uncle David, Matthew, Season, Sophie, and your dear sister Susan came to see you! We are all so proud of you and the hard work you put into high school. You are so creative and expressive that we can't wait to see what you decide to invest your time, talents, and energies into in college. I must say that I am excited you have chosen to attend college at JBU. I hope you make the best friends ever and have a blast (oh and learn a lot too). I love you very much!

5.21.09- Day 4

I arrived in Arkansas on Thursday for Stacy's high school graduation. My mom and sisters picked me up from the airport. We went wedding dress shopping for Stephanie. She found a dress that she really liked, but decided to wait and think about it a little more. We ate dinner at Pei Wei- pad thai- need I say more... It was a fun girly evening! In the pic- Steph has our grandmother's/mother's/cousins' wedding veil on, I have this goofy old crown thing that people used to where with the veil on, and Stacy has her graduation attire on... aren't we attractive? haha.

In Arkansas...

So, I visited my family in arkansas over the past 5 days for my sister's high school graduation. This explains the lack of blogposts. But, don't worry- I have taken pictures of each each during my trip. Enjoy!


5.20.09- Day 3

Today you get 3 pictures! The top picture is all the mail at our house that is NOT for us. (oh and we received another package since the picture was taken) We are currently letting 2 people use our address to send their mail and this is what we get: a lot of excitement, then the realization that the package is NOT for us. haha. We may start taking a tax on all packages/money/letters mailed to our house.

The other 2 pictures are of my wildflower garden, which is slowly starting to bloom! I love the purple flowers that are showing right now. Someday I want a house with rain and lots of room for flowers. It makes me happy.

On a side note, I got another interview today. It's with Brighton Public Schools. I would not especially want to drive all the way to Brighton everyday, but I think it would be a good opportunity to work with pediatrics and a diverse patient population. Hopefully, APS gets back to me soon as well. I'm also interviewing soon with the JFK Partners LEND Program PT fellowship. This would also be a great opportunity to learn more about pediatrics and make some really good connections. We'll see where God leads!


5.19.09- Day 2

Today, Alan and I planted the tree we bought last week. It is an ornamental weeping cherry tree. We are very excited about it. We almost bought a red maple, but while shopping around, we found this little beauty WAY on sale. She'll do great for our new backyard get away- we decided to put our fire pit back there too. (ps- Al disagrees that I should associate a female gender with the tree). Today, we also went to small group, which was fun. I am excited about going to different people's houses over the summer to get to know each of the couples better.

5.18.09- Day 1

Last night, Al and I went to our first movie that we can remember in a long time. We had Gold C coupons to Regal Entertainment. (thus the pic with our Gold C book) It was really fun. We went to the theater downtown on the 16th Street Mall. We went to see Star Trek, which we had heard really good reviews on. We both enjoyed it, but maybe it wasn't quite as amazing as all the reviews. Afterwards, we went to Walgreens to get Snickers ice cream bars to finish up the date. It was so fun to go on a "real" date and be downtown. The weather was perfect. Yay for a fun Day 1!

Expect more posts to come! Hopefully everyday!


The Board Exam... dum dum dummmmm

This weekend I attended a Scorebuilders class to prepare for the physical therapy board exam. I was really skeptical at first, but after about the first 10 minutes I was sufficiently convinced that I needed to be there. Unfortunately, I am also convinced that I need to study a little longer than I had originally anticipated. I think it is worth it, because I really really really want to pass the first time. My scores are not high enough right now to pass. There is a ton of stuff on the test. Needless to say, I'm going to develop my study plan this weekend and hit the books next week. In the beginning of June, you'll find me studying on the beach (alas!) Hopefully it all pays off in the end. (I also am one step closer to possibly having a job in the school system!!!) More to come as I find out more!

PS- soon to come- 365 days of pictures. I got this idea from someone else's blog- a very photographically talented person, but I thought it would be fun. A picture from every day of my life for 1 year. We'll see...


Hooding and Graduation

Here are some pictures of the festivities. The first are from the hooding, then from graduation day, then from our banquet celebration after graduation. Yay!


Fav of the Week- Online Auction

Hey Everyone,
Some of my teacher friends are traveling to Sierra Leone, Africa this summer to continue teacher training that they started last year. It's an amazing work! They have put together an online auction that will start tomorrow and continue through Sunday (May 7-10). Take a look, there are gift cards, African batiks, jewelry, etc.

The site is teachersinsierraleone.blogspot.com.



New Beginnings...

It's official!!!! I am now Dr. Susan Hunt, DPT. (oh wait I haven't yet received my diploma-should be soon) I will be adding PT, DPT to my name after passing the board (cross you fingers and pray) at the end of this month or beginning of June. I sincerely feel a weight lifted from my shoulders and lots of hope. My life has been defined by syllabii, class time, and assignments for the past 20 years. Although I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to pursue an education, I am very excited about choosing my evening and weekend activities!

Things I want to be intentional about with the my free time:
1) intentionality with friends- invite people over to dinner, have coffee chats, running buddies, just spend more time with established friends and get to know new friends better.
2) more Bible study... I've barely had the energy to read all of the school work assignments over the past 3 years, which has turned my devotional into more of a prayer/journaling time rather than true Bible study.
3) Exercise- you would think that in 3 years of learning about the benefits of exercise that I would be dang good at it- nope! I want to get into a really good habit of being healthy in this way.
4) Reading professional journal articles THAT I AM INTERESTED IN. No more reading about the best diagnostic test for lateral epicondylitis. I can read all the articles on stroke management and pediatric outcome measures that I want!
5) Writing notes- I used to write notes and letters to people all the time. It was fun to encourage and communicate with people in this way.
6) Volunteering with my physical therapy skills- although I could not do this before school because I had no physical therapy skills, I hope to be able to volunteer my skills (perhaps at a place like the Inner City Health Clinic) to underserved populations.
7) a thousand more things... uh oh... I may be busier now than I was in school!!!! Better add #8.
8) A balanced life with time for activity, meditation, and rest.