More Images of Ethiopia

Look at this beautiful country and its beautiful people. I'm not sure how to describe the diverse people and culture of Ethiopia, but maybe these images can help bring you there for a moment. The pictures are taken both in Addis Ababa the large capital city and Yetabon, a small village.


A few pictures

I'm just not motivated to write a post about Ethiopia for some reason- maybe too many things to talk about, but here are some pictures to suffice for now...

At Ethiopia Reads 5th Annual "Books and Bread" Day

Injira- The local staple food... try some at your local Ethiopian restaurant, it's quite tasty

At the Cheshire Home for Children with Polio and other disabilities- I worked here for two weeks and I love those kids!

A hippo at Lake Zawai

View from the Yeka Guest House, our accomadations in Addis