Day 30- slide!

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Day 27- So Strong!

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Day 26- Lunch and brief "real food" update

Yum! Yes, I'm still doing the "real" food diet this month. I've had a few lapses due to eating with others and willpower, but overall I've been able to stick to eating no highly processed food or artificial/processed sweeteners. It's been good. I've eaten less crap and more fruits/veggies/whole grains. More to come on what I've learned and benefits I've experienced!


Day 25- Broken is beautiful

Life has been busy lately (as evidenced by my lack of blogging). This year so far has been a mix of new responsibility at work, lots of fun time with old friends from JBU, busyness for Alan at school, and more recently trying to get a sick baby well.

Lately, I've been struggling a bit with motivation and stressing about the future. In the midst of the struggle, I've found myself more dependent on God and seeking his help to make it through the day. I'm reminded of a sermon at church a few weeks ago about being the light of the world. God says that we ARE the light of the world. A broken jar shines more brightly in the darkness than one that is fully intact and put together. I hope that through my dependence on God, I'm able to extend extra grace, mercy, compassion, and justice through all my "cracks" and "inconsistencies". I'm thankful that it is in our weakness that he is shown strong.


Day 3- The Year in Review

2011 was a busy year. Here's a look back at the past year...
January- First New Year for Caleb. Made plans to travel to Italy for our 5 year anniversary. I went back to work after my maternity leave.

February- Made a trip to Kansas to search for houses, and got to visit with Mom and Stacy! Began the process of selling our house. I turned 27.

March- Put our house on the market. Celebrated 5 years of marriage. Travelled to Italy with a 6 month old. Alan quit his job at the hospital to spend time working for his dad before we moved.

April- Returned from a lovely trip. Caleb turned 6 months. Officially sold our house 1 month after putting it on the market (with major loss). Moved in with The Hunts in Platteville.

May- Completed my second year as a PT. Moved to Prairie Village, KS. Alan started school.

June- Visited Russellville to see family before things got busy. I started my new job. Caleb started daycare. Alan worked hard at school.

July- Went to the annual Hunt Family Cornfeed and Caleb met his Hunt great-grandparents for the first time. Went swimming and spent time outside trying to enjoy the heat that is Kansas! Alan finished his first semester

August- Caleb got to meet his Verser cousins when we went to my Great Aunt's 100th birthday. Alan started his second semester of classes. Alan turned 28.

September- Caleb turned 1! Family from both sides came in to celebrate. Caleb began walking well on his own and he started at his new day care.

October- We welcomed Jackson Paul Shelton into the world. Alan powered through mid-semester. I settled into my fall schedule.

November- Went to the Broncos/Chiefs game and watched Tebow win solidly (may have been the only one like that this season). Celebrated Thanksgiving with the Hunt side of the family. Rita (my car from high school) started dying and Alan and I decided we should get a "new" car.

December- Bought mini-van. No, we're not pregnant, just too practical for our own good :). Saw Stephanie and Charlie for few hours before a snowstorm. Celebrated Christmas with the Galbos. Spent time with the Hunts in Platteville.


Day 1- Welcome, 2012!

We're home, sigh*.

We had a wonderful whirlwind of travel to see family for the holidays. In 8 days, we traversed 4 states, saw both sides of the family, spent time with good friends, went to the mountains :), ate lots of good food, and relaxed a bit.

I'm a bit behind on blogging, but I hope to catch up soon. Upcoming posts include: pictures from our trip, Caleb's 15 month post, starting 30 days of Real Food, New Year's Resolutions, some new recipes...

Here's to 2012!