In an attempt to renew our passion for running (or just simply get ourselves to do it), Nicole and I signed up for the Panerathon 10K. Alan even decided to run the 5K at the last minute. Although we did not quite reach the glory of our college days- a full marathon and half marathon, we did finish the race and were able to sprint in. Don't get me wrong- many people finished ahead of us. We did have several health set backs during training, so we were happy to finish and feel well. Hopefully this race was the start to renewed running habit. Enjoy the pics!


I think I like Peds

Today, in my pediatric physical therapy class, we had a ball lab. About 6 infants/children came to our class and we worked on postural adjustments and initiating controlled movement with them. It was really fun. I think I could get used to peds. Maybe I'm starting to figure out what I want to do? At least I had an enjoyable morning!


So cute!

Mu Leh had her baby! We've been waiting for a while and baby Jonah is finally here. Mu Leh and her family are friends we have made through being their cultural mentors after moving here from Burma. I got to visit her in the hospital last night and brought the beautiful pair home from the hospital this afternoon. It was so cute to bring them home. We Tong and A Tu were so excited and playing with little Jonah.

I must say that this experience isn't good for my "baby blues" as Jonah is so good and SO cute. Although it was really challenging to figure out how to attach the carseat and get baby Jonah into the carseat. I'm very glad that Alan was there to help me. Ahh... I guess we will wait a few more years.


Sad Day

My third clinical rotation just got cancelled :(. I was soo excited about it too. I now get to go to a nursing home instead! (can you sense my sarcasm). Oh well, I know that all things are worked to my good, so hopefully the disappointment passes soon.


My Last "Semester"

So, I have officially started my last "semester" of classes for PT school! (applause- or rather the Hallelujah chorus breaks out at this point- haha). I have 6 weeks tomorrow until I have finished all of my classroom work for the program and taken my competency exam. Let me just say- 20 years with no break from school makes this a happy thought!

After finishing my classroom work, I will head out to the semi-real world to finish up my clinical rotations. From mid-October to early January, I will be working at Swedish hospital doing acute and subacute orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation. Then from early January to early March, I will be working in the Aurora Public Schools working with children with disabilities. Finally, in mid-March through mid-April I will be working with physical therapists in Ethiopia doing pediatric and community-based rehabilitation in Addis Abbaba, as well as some basic service work in Yetabon at Project Mercy. Then 2 1/2 weeks to graduation!!!!!!

After graduation I will have to take the licensure exam so that I can be an official PT. (hopefully at this point I will already have a job waiting for me- God willing).

Well, I'm not sure how interested you all were in a timeline of my life until June, but I'm sure excited about getting done with school and all the experiences that will occur along the way.