Day 54- How to help 5000 people get clean water

I'm joining The Adventure Project to change the face of the water crisis. Not with charity. But with jobs.

The idea that 4500 children die needlessly every single day from contaminated water is so hard to understand.

It's nearly impossible to grasp the reality that diseases from unclean water kill more people every year than any other form of violence, including war.

It's hard to accept that girls are kept out of school because they must spend their days walking and collecting water.

Tragically, 1/3 of all wells drilled in the last 20 years are now broken. Often there's no tools, spare parts, or trained mechanics to fix them.

Water for People is trying to expand and accelerate their well mechanics program across rural India. This is the most effective way to ensure people have sustainable access to clean water. The Adventure Project is joining in their endeavor.

THE HUGE GOAL: empower 186 people to become well mechanics in India. Every $550 we raise helps one mechanic receive:
*Training classes
*Tools and spare parts
*A one-year stipend to help an entrepreneur launch their business.

And here's a really cool part:
$550 hires one mechanic. Who keeps clean water flowing for 5,000 people.
You can do the math if you want. 186 mechanics times $550. That would equal the fundraising goal.

But I hate fundraising.

So I just see it as 186 PEOPLE.

Who will serve and and provide clean water for 930,00 PEOPLE (nearly a million!?!!)

Go to my page to donate

or create your own fundraising page


Day 53- Papa

Not sure how my dad will feel about me posting it, but it's just proof of how much he loves Caleb and how much Caleb loves him. They were fairly inseparable last weekend when my parents were in town! Love you "Papa!"

YouTube Video

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Day 52- Best thing since sliced bread...

.... Praise Baby DVDs!

These are basically Baby Einstein style DVDs set to praise music. Caleb would watch them for hours if I let him. He got his first for Christmas from a great aunt and Gram got him another for Valentine's Day. Caleb does not like TV mind you. These things are life savers when I need to get some chores done or when I'm in need of a zone out moment (we've all been there, right!). We only watch one per day at max, but Caleb will dig through things to find the DVD package and bring that to me along with the remote to request watching his dear "bay baby"!


Day 49- Victory!

I finally made my family Valentine Cake recipe with no mistakes or fiascos!  This has been 6 years coming, people!  Ahhhh, delight in its beauty!  It was SO good.  Maybe I'll make another one soon.  Perhaps I shouldn't press my luck.  Click here for a peak at a past attempt.  You'll difinitely appreciate what you see here more if you see what has happened in the past!


Day 48- 15 and 16 months

Caleb is actually close to 17 months now, but I thought I would post his new milestones/growth for the past 2 months before another has past!

I thought the Tebow jersey with a number 15 would make a great 15 month pic! 

In his 16 month pic, he's sticking out his tongue to catch the snowflakes!

Dear Caleb,
Over the past 2 months, you've continued to astound your dad and I with how much you've learned and grown!  You have started talking more and some of the words you now say include: dada, duck, dog, ball, go, buddy, hello, juice, boom, choo choo, and uh oh.  You still have one name for your parents and call both Alan and I "dada" :).  You know more of what you want in life and spend a lot of time pointing and grunting to get our attention and to get us to figure out what you want.  It can be frustrating for both parties at times, but you are pretty good at communicating things even when you don't have words.  You do have several signs, milk, all done, stars, bathroom (used to tell us when you need your diaper changed), more.  You've grown a bit taller and heavier.  I can tell when I pick you up and how all your pants are becoming highwaters.  You now wear primarily 18 month clothes, just moved to size 6 shoes, and wear size 3 or 4 diapers. 
You are an active guy!  You love your slide, using your dad as a jungle gym, playing on the playground, and throwing things.  You can now do stairs with either a rail or holding mom or dad's hand, although sometimes you still crawl.  You can almost jump up from the ground and are getting close to running.  You can climb up on just about anything in our house now and love to stand on a chair in the kitchen and "help" me cook.  Your favorite place to go is still South Lake Park.  With ducks, slides, and swings, who wouldn't love it, right!?
You are also so smart!  You can put all the shapes in your shapes puzzle and bucket.  You love stacking blocks, driving trucks around, and "talking" on the phone.  You basically now how to use mom's IPAD.  Your favorite thing to watch on TV (and one of the only things mom lets you watch) is Praise Baby (basically Baby Einstein to praise music).  You frequently bring me the remote and the DVD case and point to the TV to request it!  You have a little pillow that you pull onto the floor and sit on while you watch.  It's so cute.  You can identify 14 body parts and still love to read books. 
Caleb, you are a joy to watch as you grow and change.  You are so precious and I look forward to seeing the man you become.  But for now, stay my baby boy and give mom cuddles every once in a while!


Day 47- Snow day!

Snow Day!!!
Caleb got to experience his first big snow in Kansas. He did get to see a few snows when he was a bitty baby, but he really enjoyed the experience now that he's a bit older!  We played outside for a good 30 minutes before he started getting cold!

Looking at his feet in the snow
All smiles!
This snow taste kind of like my favorite thing to eat, ice!
Such a big boy!


Day 45- Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all those lovelies in my life!  Do me a favor and visit the main google search page today and watch the cute 1 minute video or search for it if you try after today.  It's so true.  Who cares what we get for Valentines?  All anyone really wants is someone to jump rope through life with!


Day 40- words of life

"By your words I can see where I'm going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path." psalm 199:105 msg

"God made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before Him. When I got my act together, he gave me a fresh start. Now, I'm alert to God's ways; I don't take God for granted. Everyday I review the way he works; I try not to miss a trick. I feel put back together, and I'm watching my step. God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to His eyes...What a God! His road stretches straight and smooth. Every God-direction is road-tested. Everyone who runs to Him makes it." psalm 18:20-24, 30


Day 38- sweets

Gotta love Valentines Day! Made these for small group last night.

By the way... Looked it up and contrary to my belief, 9 months from Vday is not the most common birthday. It's actually 9 months from Christmas!


Day 35- Tebowing

Caleb is already a Tebow fan! He even Tebowed when he heard his daycare teacher say the word, "Tebow". Now, we need to work on the kneeling part, but I think he does a great imitation! :)
Edit: Nicole Anderson had the genius idea to teach this skill to Caleb :)

YouTube Video

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