06.27.10- Day 176

27 weeks
Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 27 weeks
Size of Baby: 14.5 inches, 2 pounds- the size of a head of cauliflower
Total Weight Gain: 16 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Only a few non-maternity things left in my closet :)
Gender: active baby boy
Food Cravings: sweets, pizza
What I miss: laying on my tummy!
Sleep: It depends: sometimes I sleep really well, other times- not so much
Symptoms: indigestion, minor low back pain, peeing every hour (maybe that's an exaggeration)
Best Moment of the Week: A wonderful devotion that my mom-in-law gave at my shower today- it was really thoughtful and special. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful, generous people in our lives. Our son is never going to lack for love!
What I'm Looking Forward to: Getting the nursery painted- we finally got the office moved into the guest bedroom. We also received the baby bedding at the shower, so I can match it to the paint!


06.18.10- Day 167

26 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 26 weeks
Size of Baby: 14 inches, 1.6 pounds- the size of an english hothouse cucumber?!
Total Weight Gain: 15 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Yeppers- full force
Gender: active baby boy
Food Cravings: pizza, oatmeal cookies, shakes
What I miss: being able to gorge myself on food (without the breathlessness or indigestion!)
Sleep: Sleeping okay... I wake up multiple times each night to readjust my position, use the bathroom, or just because
Symptoms: breathlessness after a large meal, peeing frequently
Best Moment of the Week: Someone said I was carrying the baby really cutely- a much needed compliment when I feel like a barge these days :).
What I'm Looking Forward to: Another baby shower next weekend!


06.17.10- Day 166

Good grief- has it really been over 10 days since I last posted? I totally thought that with summer here and more free time that I would be a blog maniac. Although I have had more free time, I've also been pretty busy. Here's a peak into some of the fun things I've been up to so far this summer:

Tuesday the 8th- Rockies game! We got a tiny sprinkle, but overall it was a nice night for a baseball game.
Sunday the 13th-Monday the 14th- Belated Anniversary date! Alan and I never really got to properly celebrate our anniversary due to work and Al's hip surgery. We decided to get a nice hotel downtown and make a little mini trip away from the casa. We checked into the Oxford hotel on Sunday afternoon and relaxed for a while.
Then, we went to eat at the India House. YUM!!!!!After that, we walked through the drizzle to see the new Karate Kid. It was a really enjoyable movie. I totally recommend it to anyone who wants a feel good movie with beautiful scenery.The next morning, after watching an early World Cup game, we ventured out and had breakfast at the corner bakery cafe.

Goodbye Oxford hotel. We enjoyed our mini-vacation!
Tuesday the 15th- Film at the Rocks: Princess Bride! Film at the Rocks is a summer movie program that goes on every Tuesday night at the Red Rocks Amphitheater right outside of Denver. 8,000 people come to watch a couple concerts and a movie. It was so fun to watch Princess Bride with an amphitheater full of total fans. There was cheering when Wesley entered the scene and boos whenever Prince Humperdink would come on screen. The crowd was so lively! Plus, it's just a gorgeous place to be in general.


06.06.10- Day 155

The last few days have been a little busy...
Here's a peek of what we did:

On Friday, Alan played in Paul's younger brother's wedding. They were fabulous live music. Tons of people were dancing and I was just proud of my stud husband. It was really fun to see him play in a band. I've only heard him by himself at home or on worship team since I've known him.
Saturday was my baby shower- pics from that when my friends post them. After the shower, we hung out for a while, then went to the Denver Chalk Art Festival. It was so cool. I've been wanting to go for several years now.
We took a break from looking at chalk art to listen to a band play for a while. They were so good- kind of a mix between John Mayer, Coldplay, and Pete Yorn.

After the festival, we walked to the Wynkoop Brewery for dinner. It was a little funny for me to go to a brewery as a pregnant lady, but not to worry, I didn't consume any alcohol :).

Today, Alan and I went to church and were SO blessed by gifts and loans of baby/maternity items by friends from church that either found out about needs at my shower on Saturday or couldn't make it. I now have more summer maternity clothes, a boppy, and nursing pump to borrow, as well as some lovely gifts.
After church, Carissa, Nicole, and I went to the Jeffco Library Book Sale to look for children's books. Although their children's section was pretty disappointing, we found great books in the other sections. Today was $5 for all the books you can fit into a bag. Check out all the books I got!!!!! I got several books for baby to read when he's a little older, some on baby's first year, raising boys, The Book of Virtues, and a family advent book. I also got several older classics (even a set of 3 poetry books from 1903 in perfect condition). I got the set of Hinds Feet on High Places and Mountain of Spices. Also in the new collection are The Testament, Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood, and a book on prayer by Foster. All in all: 25 books in pretty good condition for $5!!!!!!
Later in the evening, Alan dropped me off at city park on his way to work so that I could hang out with Nicole, Eric, Carissa, and Brian at Jazz in the Park. Jazz in the Park is a weekly jazz concert in City Park that takes place all summer in Denver on Sunday evenings. It was lovely. We ate a picnic dinner, played Mexican Train dominos, and just relaxed- enjoying the music and lovely weather.

I love summer. PS- It does need to cool down here a bit because it's already WAY too hot for Denver in early June.


06.03.10- Day 152

On Being 1/2 Single....

There are days when I enjoy that my husband works nights, but more often there are days when I dislike it very much. It's an interesting schedule, especially because his rotates on a 6 week schedule. I will say that you get used to whatever life brings and it can be hard to adjust back. For instance, it took me about a week to start sleeping well again when Alan was off work for his hip surgery. I also kept forgetting to tell him when I was going somewhere or going to hang out with friends. However, quickly I was very much enjoying having Alan around all the time and was sad when he went back to work.

Advantages: I can plan to do whatever I please on the nights that he is working. I don't have to worry about confirming if things are okay with him or not. It's great for having girls' nights. I can hog the bed to myself (especially useful now that I sleep with a pillow on either side of me). I normally get to bed earlier because I don't feel like I should stay up to visit with him. I have more time to read before I go to bed. I appreciate my time with him more.

Disadvantages: I go people-deficit crazy if I don't make plans to hang out with other people when he's gone. Whenever he's home, he's normally sleeping, so we don't get to see each other much. I have to sleep alone (whether or not he's home because he stays up all night normally when he is home). Sometimes I get scared at home by myself (thank you security system for making this much better). I watch too much TV when I'm by myself. I have to wait til he wakes up the next day to talk to him about anything important.


06.02.10- Day 151

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 24 weeks today
Size of Baby: 12 inches, 1.2 pounds- the size of an ear of corn
Total Weight Gain: 12 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Yeppers- full force
Gender: active baby boy
Food Cravings: mac and cheese, fresh berries, pad thai
What I miss: being able to run in this beautiful weather
Sleep: sleeping better- I only get up 0-1 times during the night now! However, baby is waking me up a bit early some mornings because he moves around so much!
Symptoms: a little shortness of breath during exercise, thirsty, inability to concentrate for long on non-baby-type things
Best Moment of the Week: actually being able to distinguish where the baby was laying in my belly last night
What I'm Looking Forward to: My shower this week- I've already been spoiled by my aunt this week with some lovely gifts. Having the baby items in the house just makes the whole thing seem more real. People are SO generous- we're blessed!