Day 105- Garage Sale Morning

What will $20 and a couple hours of running around get you in the world of KC garage sales?
A Thomas the Train tent
A nice wooden transportation puzzle
A Tickle Me Elmo
A broken bulldozer (free, for Caleb's sandbox)
4 books, including a couple classics
A pretend vacuum cleaner
A Fischer Price train/block set (missing a few pieces)
7 shirts
2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shorts
1 pair of shoes

Just the train tent or 2 pairs of pants would have easily been $20 new!

I LOVE a good deal!


Day 103- Forgotten God

Starting reading Forgotten God by Francis Chan tonight. I got it for FREE on Amazon for my Kindle App. It's a book about the Western Church and the Holy Spirit. Here's a few quotes...

"The church becomes irrelevant when it becomes purely a human creation. We are not all we were made to be when everything in our lives and churches an be explained apart from the presence of the Spirit of God."

"If we read and believed these accounts (the pentecost in Acts), we would expect a great deal of the Holy Spirit. He would not be a mostly forgotten member of the Godhead whom we occasionally giveaway nod of recognition to, which is what He has become in most American churches. We would expect our new life with the Holy Spirit to look dramatically different than our old life without him."

"And this is the question I just can't get around: if it's true that the Spirit of God dwells in us and that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, then shouldn't there be a huge difference between the person that has the Spirit of God living inside of him or her and the person who does not?"

This book seems so timely. The Holy Spirit IS our counselor until Christ returns. It was His power that raised Christ from the dead. It is this power that we have access to. Why do I need a book to remind me of this!?


Day 100- Hats at Grana and Papa's

We made a spur of the moment Easter trip down to Russellville to visit my parents and sister. Here's a little snippet of some of the fun we had. Easter pictures to come!

YouTube Video

By the way, Caleb got home and correctly identified all members of the Galbo family when asked! (including Aunt Stephie and Uncle Charlie after a little coaching hehe)


Day 96- Illusions

Do you ever look at someone else's life and think,
"they are doing what I thought my life would look like at this point" or
"that should be me. If only x, y, or z wasn't going on, I would be able to do that"?

I thought those things just now. I need to process.

Sometimes I'm disillusioned.

I assume either (a) my plans are better than God's and/or (b) I'm more passionate or better suited for something than someone else, although I've got neither the time nor motivation to that thing at the moment.

I'm sure people look at me and think the same thing. A lot of people planned on being married with a kid, working part time at this point in their life. Which, by the way, is wonderful, but not what I necessarily thought I would be doing. In fact, it doesn't even play into a lot of my strong points (which is likely why this is the path God has chosen for me and probably why a lot of people probably think they could do a better job).

I thought I'd be more like one of my friends from PT school who led a team of students back to Ethiopia this month and is loved by the Regis faculty and got lots of recognition in PT school for all her hard work. (this person is actually really cool and deserves her credit/recognition) She is kind of what I envisioned myself becoming. A leader. A person who makes a difference. A person who's recognized. A person who is clearly out there changing the world.

I guess I'm slowly changing the world one kindword/therapyappointment/cleansock/dinneronthetable at a time (which in my mind is counteracted by each harshword/forgottennote/dirtylaundrypile/takeoutmeal at a time). It's just hard to see the results in that sometimes. Hard to see what that accomplishes.

Action plan:
1. Confess my pride and ask for a humble heart
2. Look practically at my life and see if there are changes I could make to become more of what I'd like to be, ways to invest in causes I find important
3. Ask God what he'd like me to do
4. Intentionally serve others in some capacity this next week