05.31.10- Days 140-147

I've been it's been a while since I updated! Lots of things have happened since I last posted. Life has been a little busy. I finished up my last week of school, travelled to Arkansas to visit family, and returned to Denver. Here's a recap of the past few days!

Day 140- Saturday, Alan and I flew from Denver to Tulsa. We fly to Tulsa because it's about $200 cheaper than flying to Little Rock. The only downside: my parents have to leave to drive there before we have to leave to drive to the airport. Upside: it's a direct flight that only lasts an hour and 45 minutes.

Day 141- Sunday, The whole family- Dad, Mom, Me, Al, Stephanie, Charlie, and Stacy headed out to the Middle Buffalo for a few days of relaxation and canoeing. Our cabin was so lovely and the weather was great (although perhaps a little hot and humid).

Day 142-Monday, Alan and Charlie went fishing in the creek by our cabin in the morning and the whole family went canoeing/rafting in the afternoon. See the pics of us getting ready to go.

Stacy, Steph, and Dad The "cuspers" (that's what we call sisters in our family)
Isn't my mom cute in her canoeing hat!
Day 143- Tuesday, Mom, Al, Charlie, Steph, and I went hiking at Tyler Bend. We had many close calls with poison ivy and ticks. I think most of us made it out alive. After the hike, we packed up and headed back to Russellville.

Our cute cabin

Fresh spring water that we could drink right outside the cabin
Day 144- Wednesday, We hung out in Russellville and took Alan back to the airport so he could go back to work on Friday. Unfortunately for him, there was bad weather in Denver and he got stuck in Tulsa overnight and had to get a hotel room. Poor guy.
Day 145- Thursday, We hung out again in the morning and relaxed. Stephanie, Stacy, and I went to shop for groceries and belated mother's day gifts, since we decided to celebrate mother's day late when we would all be there. I visited my mom's PT appointment and then we ate Stephanie's yummy homemade pesto pasta for dinner.
Day 146- Friday, Charlie, Steph, and I went blueberry picking in a small town outside of Russellville. It was great fun and we had a good spot. It only took us about 30 minutes to pick a gallon and a half of blueberries. See our cool basket systems below! Later, we celebrated Mother's Day by making curry, naan, and chocolate cheesecake for dessert!

Day 147- Saturday, Today we said goodbye. Stephanie and Charlie left to drive back to Baton Rouge around 11. Mom, Dad, and I left around 1 to take me to the Tulsa airport. It wasn't too sad to say goodbye since we all have a reason to get together again in mid to late September :).


05.17.10- Day 135


Before I knew that I was having a boy, I was very intent on not having a "themey" nursery. I was going to paint the room yellow, get neutralish bedding, and decorate with vintage toys and pictures. Granted it would still be cute, but I have converted to "themey." It's funny what finding out the gender will do to you. We're still getting all of the big stuff in gender neutral colors, but I'm definitely leaning more towards having gendered bedding and decorations in our son's nursery. My theme:

I found this really cute/cheap bedding at Target! It's a little crazy, so I think I'm going to get some solid navy sheets to put on the bed instead of the tiny rockets sheets. I'll use the sheets that come with the set to make a couple pillows or curtains to carry the theme out in the nursery.

Here is a cute space mobile. I might look for one that has the planets on it.

Here is a cute hanger shaped like a rocket. I doubt I will use it, but I hope to paint a rocket that looks similar on one of the walls with the alphabet shooting out of the back.

I hope to create a room that is "themey" enough to seem cohesive, but not so overwhelming that we get rocket overload. I'm excited to start the summer (ps- it's only 4 days away!!!!), so that I can start putting together my little guy's room. Yay!


05.12.10- Day 130

Three things:

1) Seriously... snow... May 12th?! Colorado, normally I defend you to family and friends about how mild and wonderful your weather is. However, I may have to give up and move to Hawaii if you continue to treat my spring like winter. I'm beginning to feel like it's always winter, but never Christmas around here. Good thing it will be in the 70's again by Monday. 2) Alan felt the baby kick for the first time last night! Yay! Apparently baby likes it when I drink hot tea while reading in bed. He was going crazy. Alan started work again tonight, which means I may be back to blog more faithfully than before. I'll have at least 3 evenings open a week now, plus all day everyday when school is out in a week!
3) How do you compensate for injustices and a broken system when it is currently affecting people you know? Do you work specificially on fixing the system because that's where change will come from? Do you meet current needs, knowing that your meeting those needs may cause dependency (but how else will the needs be met)? Do you try to fumble through a balance of both? I need wisdom and creativity and guidance.


05.10.10- Day 128

20 weeks! Half way!!!Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 20 Weeks
Size of baby: 10.5 ounces, 6.5 inches (crown to rump), the length of a banana head to toe- our baby measured 12 ounces at our ultrasound- uh oh- already a big guy!
Total Weight Gain: 8 or 9 pounds???
Maternity Clothes: Nothing new here. But, I am enjoying wearing the new clothes that I picked out when I went shopping with Kayleen!
Gender: BOY!
Food Cravings: pasta, water, cranberry juice, granola bars
What I miss: being able to wear real pants without suffocating
Sleep: up and down. I slept through the night a few nights, but last night I was up with reflux.
Symptoms: tiredness, wrist pain, bloatedness after eating chocolate
Best Moment this week: We found out that we are having a so far healthy baby boy!
What I am looking forward to: having time to plan the nursery and deciding a name!


05.08.10- Day 126

Today was a good day. I think I will talk about the earlier part of the day later, since I have a bunch of pictures to post from tonight. We had our Gender Reveal Party tonight, since we found out our baby's gender on Friday morning. Here is a pic of everyone decorating onsies according to the gender that they thought baby Hunt was. Here are the "boy" onsies.

Here are the "girl" onsies

Jason discovered the cupcake with the gender clue hidden inside. (it was a bunch of blue m&m's) IT'S A BOY!!!!!
Alan and I with Al's boy onsie and the blue onsie from our anniversary!
We are so excited to start this journey as parents. It helps make things so much more real to know the gender of our child. I'm already enjoying saying "him" and "he's kicking me" and talking about "our son." I'm a little intimidated, since I've only had adult men (my dad, husband, etc) in my family and not little boys. I'm sure I have a lot to learn and a lot to enjoy! Here's to the journey of being a mom to a son. I hope he grows up to be just like his dad!


05.02.10- Day 120

19 weeks

Baby Shower gifts from my generous co-workers

Pregnancy Highlights:How Far Along: 19 Weeks
Size of baby: 8.5 ounces, 6 inches, the size of a large heirloom tomato (again- weird food)
Total Weight Gain: 7 or 8 pounds?
Maternity Clothes: I went maternity clothes shopping with Kayleen (my mother-in-law) this weekend. It was lots of fun and I found some great stuff! I will actually have a few more things to wear now besides 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts!
Gender: We find out on 5.7.10- this Friday! If you're in Denver, come to our Gender Reveal Party on Saturday at 7 at our house!
Food Cravings: hummus, granola bars, chocolate, pizza
What I miss: being able to eat feta
Sleep: Sleeping better the last few days... thank you, Jesus!
Symptoms: tiredness, wrist joint pain, stuffy nose
Best Moment this week: I had my first baby shower! (it was for me and a co-worker) Yay for baby stuff!
What I am looking forward to: being able to say "boy" or "girl." I'll be able to really start planning (names, nursery, etc).