02.25.10- Day 56

I'm officially 26.

I'm pregnant.

I'm a physical therapist.

I'm lucky to have great friends, a wonderful family, and awesome husband.

I'm full from dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (yum!)

I'm getting sleepy and want to go read in bed.

I'm happy tomorrow is Friday.

I'm fostering a large travel bug now that I'm seeing my traveling opportunities slowly disappearing.

I'm grateful that I have had the opportunity to travel and most likely will some this summer (cross fingers**)

I'm feeling like I am 26, not a year younger or older.

I'm excited about the future.

I'm scared about the future.

I'm happy that I have many people around me to help me navigate the future.

Overall, I'm just blessed!


02.24.10- Day 55

Tonight was book club. I was a big-time book club slacker this month (I only picked the book up from the library on Monday- oops!) I just got too involved in baby reading and Jane Eyre. Oh well. Now that I have it and have started Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, I will definitely finish it. Even only a few chapters in, I love her honest, stream-of-consciousness style. Plus, it's about travel and takes a unique look at spirituality (which I do not necessarily agree with, but think I can learn from). As a side note from our book club discussion: There is a part in the book where someone is talking about how every city has a word. Rome=Sex, New York City= Achieve, Vatican City=Power, etc. Also, that every person has a word. If the word for the person and the word for the city are the same, then that person will be happy and satisfied with their life, if the words differ, the person will be unhappy because their life/environment are not compatible.

That led to a discussion about what we thought the word for Denver is and what we thought our word is. One of my friends came to the conclusion that my word is "planning." While it is true that I like planning some things, especially life plans, it was very distasteful to me that she chose that to be THE word that describes me. Especially since I'm not really a planner when it comes to anything besides life plans (do I plan vacations well? no, do I plan chores well? no, do I plan my days with my kiddos at work ahead of time? not really very detailed, etc etc.) But... everyone seemed to agree with her that "planning" was a good word for me. Which, leads me to the horrible thought that "planning" is how I'm seen by everyone. I would much rather my word be something to do with caring for people or making a difference or bringing value to others. I still can't think of how I would describe myself in a word, but I wonder if my word would simply be what I want to be. Is how we see ourselves how we really are or simply our desired self? Anyway, I've probably lost most people by now, but I'm having a complex because I'm afraid that my true values are not being reflected in my life.

It probably doesn't help that I've already been having a slight complex this week about how I feel that I've regressed in my personal life in the past few years. I feel like I was a "better person" in the past and wonder why and if it's okay that I've changed. I also wonder if the changes are simply due to changes in environment and life situations. I'm also feeling God calling me to growth, but I don't know how to change. I know it's not through passivity, but I also know it's not through willpower alone. I'm probably just having a complex because of the huge life change that I'm going through, but it's important to me that I'm not the same person when I'm 40 that I am today. I want to grow and mature and be more joyful and more peaceful and more patient with life. I have a feeling I'm in for a ton of change in a few months, so maybe I should just hang on because I won't have a choice come September. Anyway, I'll finish my rambling, but my mind is churning tonight.


02.23.10- Day 54

8/9 weeks preggo! Feeling pretty preggo today because my stomach/intestines are producing all sorts gases, causing me to bloat up like crazy. Sorry if that is tmi. The gases won't even go anywhere, they're just stuck in my stomach. Right now I look like I'm 4 months pregnant if I don't suck my tummy in. I'll think twice before having a decaf grande french vanilla latte again. However, despite the abdominal discomfort, I was able to put down quite a bit of raspberry salsa at Sarah and Carissa's house tonight for girls' night. YUM! I LOVE raspberry salsa. I also love doing accountability and just hanging out with such deep, good friends. I process so much more when I can talk out loud to a good friend too. I am so thankful that I have many dear friends around me at this time in my life.
Side note: I'm ready for spring.


02.18.10- Day 49

So, Alan and I got pregnant quite quickly after beginning to try. In fact, the first month! We were both expecting it to take a bit longer, so we were in a little bit of disbelief when there was a line on the pregnancy test that first day. As a result, I ended up doing 5 total tests. After all were positive with increasingly dark lines, we were convinced (for the most part- hehe). We are both so excited and hopeful as we start this new journey.

Me at 5/6 weeks

Me at 6/7 weeks

Me at 7/8 weeks
I will get Alan to take a picture of this week soon- what we think is 8 or 9 weeks. Hopefully we'll get a more accurate date on our next ultrasound so that we can know the age/due date of our little one a little more for certain. Thanks for all the well wishes. We appreciate everyone's prayers and encouragements as we start this incredibly exciting and I'm sure challenging journey!


02.17.10- Day 48

So... I said that I would talk later about Al's other Valentine's present to me. It was a pair of onesies (one blue and one pink) to give to our baby, which is due at the end of September! That's right, we're pregnant! We just had the first ultrasound today and the baby measured at 8 weeks, but the estimated dates based on my last cycle are between 9-10 weeks. So, we're going in for another ultrasound in about 10 days to confirm the age of the baby. I don't mind at all because it was such an awesome experience to see the little guy/girl's heart beating and a few "shimmies" (that's what they called the baby's movements). It all feels a little more real and I'm SO glad I wasn't making the whole thing up (I was a little worried that I had invented the baby in my mind and they were going to find nothing on the ultrasound- haha). We are so excited and glad that we now know that the baby is implanted and so far healthy- so we wanted to share our excitement with everyone else!!!!

Also, on our Valentine's date Alan took me to a nursery (like the one for plants) to look for a plant to buy for our baby, so that we can grow the plant and it will be the same age as our baby. Isn't he cute? Now you all know why it has been hard for me to be motivated to post on the blog lately- because I couldn't really talk about what I'm thinking! Be watching for pregnancy test and "belly" pictures. (haha- not much belly, but I am tracking my progress)


02.14.10- Day 45

Another Valentine's Day means another attempt at making a family recipe strawberry cake in Colorado. I haven't had a lot of success with appearance (they always taste good though!) The first year I tried, the cake completely crumbled when I tried to ice it and it turned into strawberry cake mush. The second time the cake was a little more solid, but a bit dry and we still had problems icing the cake (my mom tried to help me this time, but to no avail). This year, I came in determined with several new ideas. I was going to freeze the cake before I frosted it to prevent the crumbling experienced over the past two years. I also lined the bottom of the cake pan with wax paper to help it not stick. Alas, both those ideas worked really well, but it didn't help the fact that the cake didn't rise in the middle! This year's Valentine's cake is a crater cake! Notice the strawberries I put in the middle in the shape of a heart to hide the crater-hideousness. At least it tastes okay. Someday I will get this right!!!! Seriously- how hard can it be to bake a cake!
In order to re-establish my confidence as a cook, I made quiche for dinner- yum! Alan and I had a relaxing evening watching the Olympics (minus the fact that my stupid work laptop has another virus!!! I'm SO annoyed. I guess I can't use it at home anymore.) Time for bed!


02.12.10- Day 43

I had a lovely pre-Valentine's date with my lovely husband today (friday). It started off when I got home and he gave me an orchid and another gift, which I'll talk about in a few days. Then, we went to a nursery to look at house plants. We decided we want to buy a bonsai, but they were too expensive at the place we went. I'm excited about the nursery though- I kind of hate buying all my plants at chain stores like Lowes/Home Depot. I'd rather support a local business that grows Colorado friendly plants.

After we got back from the nursery, Alan took me to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was really yummy. (The picture is my leftover Adam's Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple Cheesecake! Yum!)Also of note- I have tulips and daffodils coming up on the south side of my house! The soil is poor on this side of my house and I planted the bulbs too shallow. As a result, they come up around Arkansas time every year. The first year they bloomed, but last year they just sprouted leaves. I'm hoping they bloom this year, since we've had consistent snow all winter. You can see the bottom picture is what the rest of my yard (shaded by our tree) looks like.


2.08.10- Day 39

Okay, time for another post....
I'm still thinking on the whole idea of themes for each day of the week. Maybe I'll come up with something soon. It's been snowing for the past couple days straight, although not too hard and it hasn't been too cold. All that is changing with the snow clearing tonight and the low being 2 degrees. Boy, am I ready for spring! Good thing it's never cold for too long around here. It'll be in the upper 40's and sunny by the end of the week. I had a good/fun weekend with the Denver Art Museum's free day, BD's Mongolian BBQ, cake with friends, church, and hanging out with Alan. This week has started up like crazy with prep for 5 IEP meetings, 3 other meetings, and playing catch up with a lot of kiddos (when you have a lot of meetings, you miss a lot of kiddos). It's fun though.

Our church is starting the 1 Month to Live campaign on Valentine's Day. I'm not exactly sure what I think of these church-wide campaigns, but I'll definitely read the book and participate. (I've been part of 2 groups that have done the church/campus-wide Purpose-Driven Life campaign- which is not my fav) I think there is value when all the people of the church focus on the same ideas. So, I'll let you know what I think after getting into the book/study.


02.03.10- Day 34

Good grief. Sorry I've not been posting as regularly as usual (some how so far this year I've been apologizing for this often- hmmm...) Life has just been busy and I haven't been on the internet as much. I've also gotten into a routine, which involves regular night time activities, for example:
Sunday night- relax, catch up from weekend, watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Monday night- small group
Tuesday night- workout, girl accountability time/Biggest Loser
Wednesday night- sometimes no plans, sometimes catch up on the Bachelor (I know, I know- but I watched it once and now I'm stuck!)
Thursday night- yoga at 7-8
Friday night- generally hang out with friends or relax
Saturday night- generally hang out with friends or relax

All this excitement (haha- not that exciting) has left me with not a ton of energy to blog. Alas, I will remotivate. Perhaps I'll try to do daily themes or something- like Monday is favorite recipe, Tuesday is talk about life, Wednesday is pictures, etc. I'm not really sure.

This past week has been good- Small group was great with SO MUCH good food, Tuesday was fun with the girls, but we missed Carissa, tonight I've been a bit lazy (especially since I'm presenting an inservice for half of the day tomorrow.) Somehow I've definitely mellowed about presentations over the years. I feel like I know the material, so I'm not too worried about practicing what I'm going to say or writing slides. I'm just going to talk about it. Hopefully it turns out okay (maybe I should practice more?) Anyway, I guess I better go finalize everything before hitting the sack!