09.29.10- Day 270

Caleb David Hunt was born on September 26th at 5:48 pm. He weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was 19.5 inches. He is such a cute, bundle of joy! Mom and Dad are so proud and happy to meet him.

I'll post more later on the birth and how things have been as a new mom, but for now, here are some pictures!

Caleb soon after birth
Under the billi-light... he had high billirubin because of our mis-matched blood types
We think he looks like a super hero with his mask on :)
We think he looks like a super hero with his mask on :)

Leaving the hospital

Proud mom and dad
First time in the car
Daddy getting Caleb set up in the car seat


09.24.10- Day 265

40 weeks... 2 days... and counting...

If you are interested in the whole sweeping the membranes thing keep reading, if not, stop here...

So, yesterday I went in to my midwife appointment at 4:00. They checked my cervix and I was 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced with a soft cervix. I asked if they would sweep my membranes. It was fairly uncomfortable, but not as bad as I was expecting from what I had heard from other people. After the appointment, I felt pretty crampy and had some minor bleeding. Alan and I went on a walk for an hour, then picked up Panera for dinner. We watched the all the new comedies on NBC, which was enjoyable. During that time I started having "real" contractions (that is contractions with some pain associated, rather than just tightening like I had with Braxton Hicks). Over the course of the night I had contractions off and on and lost my mucous plug. I used to be worried that I wouldn't notice when I lost the plug, but never fear, it is very obvious when you lose it! haha. By the time I woke up in the morning, I wasn't really having any contractions and felt fine. So far today I've had a few contractions, but nothing regular- even after going on another long walk and bouncing on my birth ball. Hopefully things start to pick up soon!


09.22.10- Day 263

I guess I'm going to officially birth an overdue baby (today was the due date). Little Hunt doesn't seem in any hurry to make an entrance. His mama on the other hand... Actually, I'm a pretty comfortable pregnant lady overall. I'm feeling SO much better since I've gotten over this cold. I was really swollen (I still am somewhat) and tired and gross feeling last week. I'm very thankful that baby didn't decide to come then. Hopefully tomorrow night or Friday will welcome baby into the world since I'm planning on getting my membranes stripped at my appointment in the afternoon. I guess I better make sure everything is ready to go tomorrow morning! Here's to an only slightly overdue baby!


09.20.10- Day 261

39 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 39 weeks
Size of Baby: 20 inches, 7 pounds- the size of a mini-watermelon (yikes!)
Total Weight Gain: 35 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Not too many tops still fitting well, I'll be so glad to start having more clothing options again!
Gender: active baby boy
Food Cravings: pizza
What I miss: not being bloated/swollen, wearing my wedding rings
Sleep: yikes- for the past week it has been awful- mainly due to a cold. Last night I finally slept a little better (it's really sad when only waking up about 4 times in the night is considered good sleep!)
Symptoms: swelling in hands, feet, face (I don't have high blood pressure though- don't worry)
Best Moment of the Week: finishing work! I am now officially on maternity leave!
What I'm Looking Forward to: Just waiting now to go through the biggest physical challenge of my life and meet the biggest blessing of my life...

Since going on maternity leave, Alan and I have been trying to live up our last few days together as a 2 person family. We went out to eat and watched a movie on Friday night, went to a wedding in the Springs on Saturday, had a few people over to watch the Bronco's game on Sunday, and we drove up to the mountains to look at the changing aspens today!

Alan and I on our outing to see the aspens change...


09.19.10- Day 260

Sleepless nights...

So, it's 3:45 a.m. and I'm up. I hate to complain, but seriously- it's the 8th day in a row I haven't been able to sleep and I'm starting to get a little irritated. It's mostly because of a cold I got last weekend that won't go away, but having to pee a lot doesn't help the situation either. And tonight for some reason my brain won't turn off. Guess what it is thinking about- stupid political ad campaigns! I don't even care about politics and my brain keeps thinking about Michael Bennett and Ken Buck and why both of them have simmultaneously destroyed the economy and fixed it at the same time. You know you're overly tired when that starts happening :). Plus, I've been on Sudafed everyday for the last week and I'm starting to worry that I'm poisoning my baby with it (it is on the safe list, but there's got to be a limit- right?) Is it too much to ask for good sleep the week before my baby arrives? I know it will be a hopeless cause at that point. Anyway, thanks for reading my pity party. I really shouldn't complain considering that up til now I've had excellent sleep. I'm just so jealous about my sleep normally that this is a huge adjustment. Maybe it's just getting me ready for the baby- who by the way better decide to make his entrance soon!


09.09.10- Day 250

38 weeks
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 38 weeks
Size of Baby: 19.5 inches, 6.8 pounds- the length of a leek (i'll be glad when my baby is classified as a baby and not a fruit or veggie!)
Total Weight Gain: 34 pounds
Maternity Clothes: It's getting harder and harder to find clothes for work. Good thing I only have 1 more week!
Gender: active baby boy
Food Cravings: grape nuts, sweets
What I miss: being able to slump
Sleep: Sleep is good, no problem here- only peeing about 1x each night
Symptoms: swelling in hands and feet, thoracic/rib pain
Best Moment of the Week: finally starting to feel ready to have the baby! The midwife says that the baby's head is engaged- so that's good!
What I'm Looking Forward to: Just waiting now to go through the biggest physical challenge of my life and meet the biggest blessing of my life...


09.06.10- Day 247

37 weeks Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 37 weeks

Size of Baby: 19 inches, 6.3 pounds (although an ultrasound on friday said he is closer to 6.5-7 pounds)- the length of a stalk of swiss chard (haha- random)

Total Weight Gain: 32 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Yes and yes. I'm wearing the same clothes to work every week! Can't wait to start wearing my old clothes again.

Gender: active baby boy

Food Cravings: dairy queen blizzards, hot dogs (though I haven't satisfied this one)

What I miss: not having to worry about my stomach sticking out of clothes :)

Sleep: I am sleeping a lot these days. This weekend I slept about 10-11 hours each night. I guess I'm saving up for when I have to feed baby 4 times every night!

Symptoms: hot flashes, swelling in my feet and hands

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing baby again on an ultrasound and finding out that he is perfectly healthy so far. (We had a small scare that my amniotic fluid might be low and I might have to be induced.)

What I'm Looking Forward to: Meeting my little baby boy- I'm starting to really get excited to see what he is like!

The start of our minor kitchen remodel!
Old washer/dryer/portable dishwasher

After the new washer/dryer! We're hoping to put in a new dishwasher in the cabinets by the sink. We also want to put in new countertops. Either way, we can now wash so many more clothes and it looks nicer!