Family from Somalia

Al and I, along with some of our friends, have decided to co-mentor a refugee family that is resettling in Denver. We went through a training session a couple months ago and have been waiting for news ever since. Finally, a few days ago we got word that our family was coming. They are a Somalian family of 5, but that is all we know. Since then we have been trying to pull together items for their apartment, organize meeting them at the airport, and delegate cooking their first meal. I find the whole ordeal very similar to my experiences in Clarkston, GA where Al and I have both spent time working with resettled refugees (not a lot of organization!).
All that to say... We are so excited to meet this family! Both of us have wanted to be involved in the lives of refugee families since moving here. We are hoping that God can use us in their lives to meet their practical needs and show them his love.

More info on this later!

Finally serious about posting... maybe

So almost a year later and no posts... that's kinda sad. I'm really hoping to post more on what is happening in our lives so that people can stay updated. So here it goes...