Hiking at Petit Jean

Alan and I spent the day at a state park near my house called Petit Jean. We had a lot of fun hiking to the waterfall and climbing around on rock formations. It is so nice to just hang out before the madness of school starts again.

On another note, we are really enjoying our stay in russellville and spending time with my family. We'll be back in denver on thursday the 28th.


Treasure Hunt

So, I guess Real Simple agrees at the name our friends have so affectionately given to our unconceived first child. We will have to have a "treasure hunt" party regardless of the name someday just for fun! Hope you all appreciate this!


Yes, it is raining here. And, it's about 65º. I love the sunshine of Colorado, but sometimes after 300 days of sunshine, you just like a few clouds and showers. So, I'm just chilling today with my blanket watching, the olympics, and enjoying the weather.

Ahhh... nothing like a rainy, lazy day.


Friends Reunion- Guanella Pass hiking

So, every year we try to plan a friends reunion where as many college friends as possible meet and hang out for a weekend. This year we are lucky because many of our friends have migrated to the Denver area in the past two years. It was funny because the only people from out of state were Megan (from China) and Colby (from AR). We were sad that Paul and Bethany couldn't make it from KS, but we're excited that they are coming next week. Here are some pics from a hiking trip we took. ( we did lots of other fun things, but if you know me, you know I'm horrible at taking pics. I might try to steal some from someone else).

Here we are just starting out...

Cute pic of the girls by a stream...

Me and Al (and Nigel) by the stream...

More by the stream...

Nicole and Eric crossing the stream...

Heading out...

When Steven visited (Brainard Lake Trip)

Here are some pics from back in July when our friend Steven from college came to visit. We went up to Brainard Lake (one of our favorite hiking locations) for the day. Enjoy the pics: