Day 164- Big Boy Haircut and Reflections on Motherly Love

Big boy got a hair cut and looks much older. Can I just say that this stage of Caleb's life has blossomed a whole new motherly love for him. I guess I always thought that I would just love Caleb completely from the moment he was born, but I'm realizing that although to some extend that is true, motherly love is similar to other loves in that it grows and changes and deepens with the relationship. Can I just say... Caleb, I LOVE YOU!

We have pushed through the last few weeks/months of moving, working, school, busyness, and are going on vacation tomorrow!!!!!!! Just in time. I need a break, geez. So excited to head up to the Rocky Mountains!


Day 161- 20 months (a couple weeks late)

Caleb is 20 months old! It's really hard to believe that he is nearing 2! He currently wears size 4 diapers, 18-24 month clothes, sleeps from 8pm- 8 am, and takes a 3ish hour nap each day from around 12:30-3:30. He is learning tons of new words and surprised mom and dad at his newest accomplishment: identifying A, B, C, and D! He also knows several colors, shapes, all about transportation, and most animals. He is truly a delight and a very obedient, even tempered child. He still adores his "buddy" and sucks his thumb when he is tired. His favorite things to do are play outside, drink apple juice, look at trucks or airplanes, play with his train table, or try to use tools. Caleb is the best!

Day 161- Touch a Truck Day