Day 282- 7 months!

Dear Asher,
You are now 7 months old!!!  I can't believe it!  You are growing up too fast. You are an active little guy. You love to crawl, pull up, cruise, and step between furniture. You've started remembering your favorite places to play and will head from one room to another to find them. (We have to keep the bathroom doors shut all of the time now!). This month you recently started being able to squat to pick up items off the floor and moving from your belly into a sitting position. 

You sleep from about 7-8pm to about 7-8 am with a dream feed around 10:30 and an occasional wake up around 4. You nap for 1-2 hours at around 10isn and 2ish. You take a variable 3rd nap around 5. You went on a nursing/bottle strike for several days (I think it's over now *cross my fingers*). Besides that crazy little stunt, you normally take 6-8 oz of breast milk/formula 4-5 times a day. You also take solids 3-4 times a day. 

You wear size 2 diapers and 6 and 9 month clothes. You babble like crazy and seem to recognize your name. You recently discovered screaming and you still love doing raspberries on my leg or the ottoman. You can grab smaller items with your hand and drop them as well. But, you don't quite have the ability to pick up small items with accuracy yet (thank goodness)!  You loves baths and mirrors and electronics and anything that Caleb is playing with. You are so good natured and are generally content to explore and play on your own. 

We love you and continue to enjoy seeing new parts of your personality shine through. You are so special and we can't imagine not having you in our family!  I love you, little Asher!