Two amazing years

I just wanted everyone to know that in over two years of being married, Alan and I have never clogged the toilet. We were reminded of this fact since unfortunately our toilet is now clogged and we have no plunger. Alas, I guess we will have to end the years of nonclogging and go pick up a plunger from walmart. haha.


A Memorial Day Weekend... tornados, our Burmese family, and gardening

Wow... this is going to be a long one...

This past Thursday I was in NE just finishing lunch and I received a phone call from Alan that his parent's home and business had been hit by a tornado. I had no idea about how much damage there was, but headed straight to Platteville when I got off work that evening. It was pretty dark when I got there, but Al and I headed back down on Friday to help cleanup. Here are some pictures from a helicopter that surveyed the damages.

The Hunts lost about 1/3 of their roof and had some structural damage. They lost almost all of their windows and some furniture was damaged. A horse trailor from 1/2 a mile down the road was found in their yard and strangely a cow vertebrae was sitting on their couch. The storm was really odd. It seemed to really damage some things- like warping metal machinery on the feed lot, but leaving crushed corn lying perfectly untouched in an outdoor pile. Everyone was fine, but a little shaken up. Al helped a lot with repairing the feed lot, I helped with cleaning up all the dirt and broken glass in the feed lot office and cleaning out the Hunts' fridge and freezers. It has been really cool to see how many people have called and come to help them out.

So, Friday night after helping out in Platteville, Al and I headed over to make pizza with the Kyi's (the Burmese family we are mentoring). I took a couple pictures just because they are so beautiful and so everyone can see who they are.

This is Etong and Atu (as good as I can write the pronuciations). They are so rambunctious and cute!

This is the whole family... Atchi, Mulay, Etong, and Atu

Okay... finally... the gardening section of the blog. I don't actually have any pics of the new veggie or flower garden beds, but I do have a couple pictures (they don't really capture the essence) of my wildflower/bulb bed. The pics are early when my tulips and daffodils were starting to bloom and one is current where my wildflowers are starting to come out and the tulips are almost gone. Yea for flowers! It's the small things in life, right?!


Crazy Times

Well, I finished finals last Thursday and drove immediately to the airport to see my dear sister graduate from college. It was good to see my family and celebrate with Steph. I was sad that I missed seeing my dear Stacy because she was on a school trip. It was a little weird to revisit JBU. All the buildings and scenery and traditions were still the same, but it was just different being back there. It was really the people that made JBU the experience that it was. I can tell that life has moved on. I think that is a good thing, but I will always cherish my time at JBU.

Well, immediately after flying back to Denver from AR, I drove to Alliance, NE for my 2nd clinical rotation. They have fixed me up pretty well with free housing and food while I am there. I am working at a hospital, but mostly doing outpatient work. The people are really nice and I hope to get adjusted and in the groove of treating patients soon. I think I will learn a lot.

Hopefully pics of my amazing NE pad and the hospital will be up soon. I don't get great internet up there so it might take me a while to post. If everyone is really lucky, they might get to see a pic of CARHENGE, the most famous part of Alliance, NE!