Projects- The joy of being a homeowner

So... I am super excited about the projects we have going on (building a brick patio and getting a new privacy fence)! We have maybe bitten off a little much, but Al is doing a great job with all the projects and I help when I can. Some of the pics are from premade privacy fence panels that had paint on one side that we had to powerwash off. Hopefully pics soon of a complete fence!


A New Response

Yes, I am blogging before 7 am.

This morning my dear husband woke up late. He accidentally set his alarm for pm instead of am- don't you hate that. He has his first day of mental health clinical, so it was potentially a pretty big deal. That's just the background.

The story is my response to what happens. It doesn't happen often, but Alan has been known to wake up late every once in a while. Normally when this happens- I annoyingly say "Alan, you're going to be late" then go back to sleep. This morning, I woke him up and then started praying. Praying for favor for him, that his instructor would have grace. Then, even more amazingly.... I got up to help him get ready, even though I was tired and my alarm had yet to go off. This probably would come naturally to most of you and maybe it's embarrassing to admit that I would lay in bed as my husband struggled to get ready, but it's reality.

I was thinking after he left that I prayer paved the way for a new response. Speaking to God opened my heart. He placed his grace and love in me for my husband, which made it obvious that of course I would help him get ready. May all of my responses be refined by Him.


Hearing God and a chain link fence

So, I posted last about wanting to hear God and be intentional about listening for his voice. I can't say that I've been amazingly faithful at setting aside time to pray everyday, although I have spent more time than usual. And, I can't say that I have received any epiphanies about my life either. But... I have heard God. He has been speaking to me- about my passions, about my lifestyle, about my attitudes. And it's normally been in the small everyday circumstances that I have heard his voice.

On another note... We just bought a bunch of "new" fence from someone who tore down their old wooden privacy fence. It is cedar wood and in decent condition (minus the peeling brown paint on one side- we are hoping a power washer will fix that problems). Needless to say, we were trying to figure out how to get rid of our current chain link fence. So, what else but craigslist? 13 people are begging to take out and remove our chain link fence, cemented posts and all! Yea for the beauty of "FREE." Hopefully pics will be up soon of a new fence!


Ask... receive...

So I'm reading this book with a study group at church.

I decided that I'm going to ask God to speak to me this week. Not just kind of speak, REALLY speak. The transformation, prune you down, change your life, and bring joy kind of speak. I'm scared. But this morning during church God challenged me. He told me that if I asked- He. Would. Speak.

That's what I want. I really want to hear God. I want to be whole and to live in Him. I don't want some religion where I can find comfort from knowing that God loves me. I want to experience his radical spirit and calling everyday. I'm still scared, but I have some comfort knowing that if he initiated this whole thing, he must have good things in store.

Hopefully more in store. The trick: making time to listen.


The new planner

Just an exciting thought:
I bought a new planner yesterday and was filling out birthdays, holidays and other special events. I realized that not only is Al's graduation, my last few clinicals, my trip to Ethiopia, our 25th birthdays (yikes- a quarter of a century old!), and MY GRADUATION are all in the new calendar. Yes, I am still operating on the school system calendar, but never the less, this is going to be a big year. Lots of change. But, it's change I'm ready for (hopefully!) Even though I am back at school, the light is beginning to shine!