Day 274... Drumroll please...

And the gender of Baby # 2 is.... BOY!

We are so excited for Caleb to have a little brother and to meet this new addition that God has decided to bless our family with.  Isn't his profile precious!  While I was expecting that this baby was a boy (mother's intuition + Intelligender + similar pregnancy symptoms), I'm happy we decided to find out the gender.  I'm now in full baby mode- redecorating the playroom, washing the baby clothes, making plans to refinish some furniture, selecting bedding, etc.  In the mean time, you can all pray for me as I will be COMPLETELY outnumbered by the guys in my household (and I grew up with all sisters!!!!)  I guess I have a lot to learn!


Day 259- The everyday mystery of grace

"The gospel of grace calls us to sing of the everyday mystery of intimacy with God instead of always seeking for miracles or visions. It calls us to sing of the spiritual roots of such commonplace experiences as falling in love, telling the truth, raising a child, teaching a class, forgiving each other after we have hurt each other, standing together in the bad weather of life, of surprise and sexuality, and the radiance of existence."
Ragamuffin Gospel

Jesus, teach me the grace and miracle of my everyday life.


Day 257- 23 months (and then some)

My dear baby is not a baby anymore!!! Although he still lets me get my cuddle time in every once in a while, my little Caleb is almost 2 years old! He continues to grow and change. He is putting together 3-4 words (though sometimes we can't understand everything). He's becoming more independent in play. He loves his train table, tools of any kinds, books, blocks, dress up, and playing outside. One of Caleb's big loves right now is running! I hope that love lasts for many more years. Caleb is eating everything in sight and seems to be growing pretty rapidly. He sleeps from about 8pm to 8 am everyday and takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. He's wearing mostly 18-24 month clothes and size 5 diapers. I'm so proud of my big boy and I'm starting to get sentimental when I think about how fast the last couple years have gone by. I love you, Caleb!