Watching Movies

I watched two movies in the past few weeks that I really enjoyed: Juno and August Rush. I don't have any witty or deep commentary, but I recommend both. Juno is for a comedy, reality type mood. It is witty and heart-felt and about teenage pregnancy- who knew?. August Rush is a little over the top, but I really cool movie about music and a boy's search for his family. Happy watching!



I had a bad day yesterday. I took a practical exam and did really poorly. So poorly in fact that I questioned why I was in PT school and if I had chosen a profession that I would fail at. I later found that many people who had the same case as me felt similarly. This made me feel a little better, but I was still so demoralized. Nothing is worse than feeling like you studied all you could and still have no idea how to treat a patient. So, I had a little cry and moved on. (Alan taking me to dairy queen for ice cream also helped out the situation.)

The evening is where the "perspectives" part of my blog comes in. Yesterday evening I went to TAP room as usual (tea and prayer). This is a group of friends who get together weekly to talk about world events and pray for those in other countries. We talked about a lot of things happening in the world, especially with people that we know overseas. While we were praying God began to speak to me about my PETTINESS. Mark prayed for the Christians in Zimbawe that they would be able to forgive those who have harmed them and been unjust to them. I thought, "I find it hard to forgive a professor who I feel wrote an unfair test question." I find it hard to forgive a friend who I feel was inconsiderate. I am almost embarassed to write that that I have these little bundles of unforgiveness that I hold onto. We also prayed for Micah's sister and brother-in-law overseas who are going through some intense times (can't really say where they are at). As I prayed for them, I realized that I worry about what clothes I will wear to school and who will do the dishes and if we should go out to eat or not and what type of PT I will be and when we will have kids and what about if our house doesn't sell when we want it to and when will I have time to plant my garden.... Wow. Why can't I let these things go. John, a friend of Mark Dawson's in Kenya, runs an orphange. He was almost killed by a macheti (sp?) a few days ago. Another guy in Sierra Leone is our age and takes care of several orphan children and praises God because one of them has stopped running away from home.

What I remembered tonight was God's unending FAITHFULNESS and patience. He is patient to hear my petty frustrations, fears, and about the "wrongs" that have been done to me. However, he is always faithful to remind me what he has already provided in my life and about the purposes he has for me. He has redeemed us so that we can continue his work everyday around us and throughout the earth.


More on Ethiopia

So, I've had a few requests to detail more about what I will be doing in Ethiopia. I don't have a ton of specifics, but here is basically what I know. A group of 7 PT students and 2 PTs will travel for one month to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in March-April of 2009. For three weeks we will be working in one of two sites (either OP clinic or pediatric home for disabled children). The last week we will spend at Project Mercy (a sustainable living community in Yemen, Ethiopia). Al will not be able to come with me (the hardest part about the trip). Like I said, I am really excited for the opportunity to help form a philosophy on overseas mission work, see what real needs exist, and form connections for Al and I to travel when we both have our degrees.

Right now, school is a little crazy. I wrote a list of all the tests, projects, quizes, etc left (and there weren't too many- maybe 16 or so). We only have 12 actual days of class left. I am very ready for an academic break, but I'm also nervous about my next clinical. I won't have the excuse like I did last time of "I haven't learned that yet." We finished covering treatment for the whole body last week. YIKES! hmmm... maybe my insecurity doesn't instill the most confidence- haha. Oh well, I still have a lot of hands on learning to do. I still don't know where I will be for my third or fourth clinical rotation.

On another note... I love plants. I love flowers. I have just begun to realize this. I have started some tomato and flower seeds indoors to plant soon. Really one of the most enjoyable things for me right now is to be out in the "garden" planting, weeding, etc. The frustrating part is that I am not that good at it! Hopefully I will get better as I get more practice! I just never knew how much that I would enjoy that hobby. I really think that I will be a gardener for the rest of my life. (that is if I can figure it out)

Finally... we met again with our family from Burma tonight. I want to write a longer post on it, but I am just so excited about the whole experience and really hope that we can practically help this family learn America. The best part of the night was praying with them. I love that belief in Jesus spans cultures, ages, countries, genders. It is so sweet to have fellowship with other believers. I think I got a small touch of what heaven will be like tonight.


Addis Ababa this time next year

Wow, this blogging thing could become addictive. (it is way more fun than working on homework!)

So, I am going to Ethiopia! A group of 6 or 7 students plus a couple PT's will head out next March. (that is a long time away-weird). I am very excited about the amazing opportunity and also about the Global Health class I will get to take as a pre-req to the trip. I really hope that this trip helps both Al and I form a philosophy of overseas medical work, as well as connections for the future.


Adjusting to change- a new family (and other random items)

So, after eagerly waiting... and waiting, we found out our family from Somalia is not coming (at least not now). But, we did find out that we will get to co-mentor a family from Burma (Myanmar). They sound like a really neat family: a father and mother near my age with two sons. We are very excited to pick them up at the airport on Thursday night. We are much more sure about their arrival. It will definitely be an adventure trying to communicate and help them learn their way around Denver (maybe I'll learn my way around Denver a bit better too!)

On another note... I find out tomorrow if I am accepted to go to Ethiopia. I also enter all of my clinical 3 choices into the crazy randomized system to find fairly decide where we will all be. (there will be another update with the results of these two events).

Alan is on week 3 of his Medical/Surgical rotation. He is almost 1/3 of the way through his program and doing really well. I am a little bitter about the fact he is finishing before me (and that he gets to go visit Paul and Bethany while I am taking finals) but... I am really happy that he is in such a good program and will have an awesome stepping stone for whatever direction he decides to pursue after nursing.